The Paramount Center (owned and operated by Emerson College) represents a triumph of recent Boston architecture and urbanism as it skillfully combines the rich grandeur and theatricality of historical buildings with modern technology, bold contemporary graphic elements and innovative space planning.

Elkus Manfredi Architects were selected to plan, design and execute this ambitious program. Emerson had some very specific ideas about the video content that needed to be created for the media façade and so Elkus Manfredi turned to Tim Hunter Design (a prior collaborator on numerous projects including Time Warner Center in NYC) to drive this process.

The media façade consists of LED nodes which were installed in the twenty one arched windows of the Arcade building on a 4” x 4” grid. Nearly invisible when the LED’s are not in use, this technology offers the ability to create multi-story images that appear and disappear and seem to be lurking just behind the windows and walls. THD created and produced more than 25 individual pieces that can be programmed to play in any sequence enabling the college to tailor the imagery to specific events or seasons and keep the look of the façade fresh and interesting.

This installation and the media that has been developed succeed in offering a distinctive 21st century media display while respecting the historic appearance of this landmark façade in downtown Boston.

 Click here to view a video of this project.

Location: 555 Washington Street, Boston, MA
Architects: Elkus Manfredi Architects Ltd